EDC: Midori Travelers Notebook

Hello lovies! I wanted to share my most used notebook.  It’s the Midori travelers notebook in regular size (this is the special edition one that you can purchase from Narita Airport in Japan). If you don’t live in japan, CuteThingsfromJapan is a great etsy shop to check out! I use this as my everyday carry! I’ve had this baby for 2.5 years now.DSC01891

Most of the charms are from the traveler’s factory in Japan (the flower one is from a random pop up shop that I went to in Japan). The Levi keychain is from Tokyo skytree during their collaboration with Attack on Titan.

Midori travelers notebook

  1. 004 Clear pocket stickers – I have one in the front and one in the back. I love these pockets to store my most used stickers inside.
  2. Baum Kuchen x The Superior Labor Travel for life Insert  – I love to store washi samples, stickers, and paper pieces inside this insert.  It’s great to use as an actual wallet, but I prefer to use it this way.
  3. 018 Undated Vertical Insert – This is my absolute favorite insert.  It’s the undated version (the older version). The travelers company came out with a newer version of this insert.  It’s still a nice vertical layout, but the older version works better for me!  I have a video on my Youtube channel comparing the two inserts!
  4. 022 Sticky Notes – I’ve seen this insert so many times but I never bothered to purchase it.  I am so glad that I gave it a chance!  The sticky notes are such great quality (I can never go back to purchasing dollar spot sticky notes).  They’re great for quick lists, plans… just about anything!
  5. 017 Monthly Insert – The last insert is my monthly insert.  The one I use is the dated version (but it typically comes out at the end of the year).  I used this to creatively document my days, but now I’m using it for planning.  I write to-do lists each day, tasks I need to finish, dates for appointments, bills etc. (nothing pretty). I love to use the sticky notes to plan out my month before I write it in pen on the actual insert.
  6. Leather Knot Bookmark –  made by Mylifemits. They are absolutely lovely and super functional!


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I carry this Midori travelers notebook along with my passport size notebook.  How many traveler’s notebooks do you carry?


2 Replies to “EDC: Midori Travelers Notebook”

  1. So glad you started a blog, your instagram posts always inspire me so much, would love to know how you got into Traveler’s Notebooks, how it has help you and how you created the habit of journaling, i struggle with depression and anxiety and i can’t seem to make a habit out of it even though i love my Midori.
    Sorry for the rant and all the questions :), btw glad to see another Levi fangirl!!! Levi and Allen Walker are goals! :p

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by (please don’t apologize – the questions are totally fine!) !!!!! Aww I will definitely share in the future how I got into Travelers notebooks! And YAY for Levi fan girls 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💜💜

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