Olive Traveler’s Notebook 2018

I can’t believe that 2018 is right around the corner… literally LOL! For the past three years, I’ve been using my Brown Narita Edition Traveler’s Notebook as my “main” traveler’s notebook.  When I say “main”, I mean carrying it daily, using it daily, etc. Going into 2018, I am craving…. simplicity. I started using my Olive Edition Traveler’s Notebook as my everyday carry.  The set up is pretty minimal (and when I say minimal, I mean minimal compared to my usual traveler’s notebook set up).

Olive Traveler's Notebook

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The first insert is a dated monthly insert.  It’s my “on the go” planner because the planner I use (Midori Professional Planner) is a home planner that does not travel with me.  I love the monthly layout because it’s a quick reference while I am out.  I can use this to jot down appointments, meetups, anything that I will later move to my home planner.


The dated horizontal weekly insert is the second insert that I’m using in my Traveler’s Notebook. I am using it for memory keeping and strictly writing with little to no decorations using washi, stickers etc. My routine is to write about the day in this insert, and then go to my A5 MD Diary to document highlights of the day.

I was lucky to find a grid Pan Am edition insert during my travels in Hong Kong.  I love the grid insert for inspirational quotes, lists (such as goals), morning routine notes and so on (basically lots of motivational random things lol).  I am planning to take it slow in this insert. In the past, I always felt pressured to complete an insert as quickly as possible.  My actual goal for this insert is to keep it inside my notebook for the entire year of 2018 (yes it will take me that long to fill a blank insert lol).

The last insert is a short trip insert (unfortunately this “short trip” insert is only offered at the traveler’s factory) wrapped with a kraft folder insert.  It’s an insert that is half the pages of a regular insert. This just has random notes inside and once filled I will remove it without replacing it.  Ultimately I’d like to have a total of three notebook inserts inside.


Thank you friends for checking out my Olive Traveler’s Notebook setup for 2018! What Traveler’s Notebooks and inserts are you using in 2018?!

3 Replies to “Olive Traveler’s Notebook 2018”

  1. Thanks for sharing your setup, it was very inspiring! I plan to use a white insert for collaging and journaling about highlights and things like that and then I have an insert of print paper made by myself where I will just write whatever comes to my mind (stream of consciousness style, it’s basically my therapy), I’m planning to finish it very quickly that’s why I decided to make it myself, it will be easier to refill. I also have the plastic Midori folder to keep ephemera. I was thinking about adding a monthly insert to use as a gratitude/highlights journal but I’m still on the fence.

    1. Beautiful, That is a wonderful set up! That is so cool that you made an insert yourself !! I still have to try to do that one day lol!! The monthly insert is for sure one of my favorites, I think it’s also perfect for highlights and gratitude !!!

      1. I’m not a crafty person, so I wasn’t sure about making an insert by myself, but I followed a couple of tutorials and it wasn’t impossible 😀 I should definitely add a monthly insert!!

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