Simplified Analogue System

Hello Lovies!  2017 is going by so quickly.  I came into 2017 with many travelers notebooks with all different uses.  I was struggling for a while to simplify my analogue system, and I think I finally found “journal peace”.


I am currently carrying two Travelers Notebooks, both are original Midori Traveler’s Notebook.  The regular size notebook is the special edition from the Narita Airport.  The passport size is just in the regular brown color.

Notebooks inside my passport travelers notebook

  1. 010 Kraft folder – I use this to hold small paper pieces and stickers.
  2. Short trip insert – This is my “document what makes you happy” insert. I just decorate daily, record places I go, etc. Literally, anything that makes me happy!
  3. Pencil Board – I use it if I need a flat surface to write, or stamp on.
  4. 006 Monthly Insert – I love this little insert to creatively document my month (small decorations, stickers, washi tape, stamps etc.)
  5. 007 Weekly Insert –  This is an undated insert, so if I choose to skip a week then it’s okay! I love this insert to document highlights of each day. Sometimes I even use it for small to do lists.

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The Superior Labor brass money clip is used to hold my card holder in place.  I purchased it in Japan but if you’re looking for one, you may want to check out Baum Kuchen (they also sell a lot of beautiful analogue goodies). The card holder is a simple card holder that I found at a bookstore.  I don’t carry much with me (an ID card and a bank card).  So it works out perfectly!

Have any of you lovies downsized your traveler’s notebooks collection?  I really wanted to one day be a one notebook kinda girl… But I don’t think it’ll ever happen LOL.  I do think that two notebooks is pretty good! What do you think?

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  1. Hi Momo! I’m so glad you started a blog, I’ve been following you on Instagram since Michelle shared your username in one of her videos and I love your photos and Stories, so inspiring! I always tried to be a one notebook gal, but I’m afraid I’ll never be able to stick with just one, haha.

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