Stickiiclub Cute Pack February 2018

Cutest stickers .. ever! I truly love Stickiiclub.  I love that they offer THREE different options (and you can even change options each month)!
I used the cute pack from February to decorate the last two days of February 2018 in my MD diary (day on one page). It’s been hard keeping up with the MD diary (some days are just writing without decorations).  I have been keeping up with writing (at least something) everyday!
They also started to send a free sticker organizer with their sticker packs. It’s a cute size that keeps all your stickers organized! A ring comes with it to keep all your organizers together, but you can also get a binder to store them.

I am saving the slumber party stickers for another spread. It totally reminds me of an anime night!! I’m totally glued to the TV all night when I find an anime that I’m into.

If you’re interested in subscribing please check out their website!