Happy 2019!

Hello friends!! I can’t believe we’re halfway through the first month of the New Year! Happy 2019! Have you set your crafty goals? This year I hope to … document daily in my Hobonichi cousin. It’s going to be a challenge (last year I tried to document daily in the MD diary and failed miserably). I am confident this year that I will be able to journal daily in the hobonichi.  I also want to share more of my personal pages + journaling process on my Ko Fi Page (I hope you’ll join me over there for some bonus content and videos too!).

My goal is to always USE more, and buy less.  I have an extra hobonichi original that I’m going to start decorating with my favorite stickers (Just for FUN!).  I brought back the 013 lightweight paper insert into my traveler’s notebook that I carry with my daily.  There are no rules in this insert. I just write whatever and whenever.  It took me 6 months to fill the last 013 insert (I think there are 128 pages?) I’m aiming to keep this insert for one full year hehe.


What are some of your 2019 crafty goals?

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