Hello 2020 Analogue System

Hello Friends!!!

Happy New Year! I wanted to quickly share my 2020 analogue system. I was pretty much set on my 2020 picks at the end of 2019 – but just a few days into the new year, I started to change a few things around (minors changes).

Hobonichi weeks:

Monthly: I keep this monthly section as functional as possible. I mostly forward plan for appointments, important dates to remember, birthdays etc.

Weekly: All weekly plans and to do lists. This layout is pretty simple and straight forward with little decoration here and there.

Notes: I use the back note pages for just about anything. Notes about personal finances or jotting down quick notes from the doctors office.

Traveler’s Notebook Olive Regular:

Monthly Insert: I seriously love this month at a glance. I used it throughout 2019 and I am continuing to use it again in 2020. You’re probably thinking – why on earth does she plan in two different places? I most often carry my traveler’s notebook with me. I need a place to refer back to for appointments, meetings etc. I do write monthly plans in both my hobonichi and traveler’s notebook but the traveler’s notebook monthly is the most accurate, as I update it daily. A flip through is available on my Ko-fi page!

Vertical Weekly Insert: Again I absolutely LOVE this insert. It’s my creative weekly journal. I decorate first before writing (just a little bit). I write things that happen throughout the week and add more decorations as the week goes by.

Sidekicks: Blank / Grid insert – From time to time, I like to have a third insert depending on how I’m feeling. Within the past few years, I’ve been more and more attracted to a slimmer, functional (but still FUN) traveler’s notebook. The third insert is usually a short trip insert for journaling on the go, or my travel insert when I’m on a trip.

Jibun Techo Lite Mini:

I’m using the Jibun Techo as my gratitude journal. In the weekly section, I record something daily that I am thankful or grateful for. I try to focus on moments, interactions and people rather than material things. But sometimes, you just have to be thankful for that big cup of coffee lol.

I use the monthly section as my creative monthly journal. I simply decorate and record something each day that I want to remember.

MD Diary B6 Slim:

I wanted a notebook that I could journal in when I get bored of all the other journals, but still keep 2020 content in one place. I love this size and the fact that it’s undated. This notebook is not something I journal in everyday – but I do try to when I get the chance.

MD Diary A5 1D1P:

ANDDDD the FINAL notebook! This is my personal/health journal that I do not share on social media.


Passport Traveler’s Notebook:

I decided not to set any intention for this notebook. I just love to come back to it when I feel like using it. This can be for travel or when I simply want to carry a smaller TN.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Looking back at previous years, my goal was always to simplify and use the least number of notebooks. This year I want to focus on mindfulness, being present, and fully enjoying my notebooks without looking too closely at how many I use (just as long as they bring me joy). Happy New Year! I hope your new year is filled with joy, happiness, growth, success, and lots of beautiful stationery (or a few beautiful stationery pieces if your goal is to declutter this year!!).

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